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SEAS mission is to keep Shirley Rural.  A main focus to Stay Rural is watershed protection.  SEAS is dedicated to improving watershed protection, safeguarding local water sources and monitoring the effect of proposed developments on water safety, supply and quality.

Please let your elected officials know your support protecting the watershed in Shirley.

Letter to John Horgan, MLA supporting his efforts to insure a safe and quality water supply for the community, and

Letter to Mike Hicks, Regional Director, asking him to work with SEAS and instruct local JdFEA Planners to do more in their planning process to insure watersheds are protected.

Thank you for taking action on watershed protection.


Hon John Horgan, MLA

122 – 2806 Jacklin Road

Victoria, BC V9B 5A4


Dear Mr. Horgan:

Knowing of your interest and dedication to quality drinking water supplies and watershed protection, I am writing today to encourage you to do everything you can to assist SEAS and our local community to protect our water.

I understand that the Province has undertaken a review of the Drinking Water Act and fully support your efforts to ensure it is strengthened to protect our watershed and our water sources.

Please keep me informed about your progress on this important issue.

Protect the Shirley Watershed - Horgan

Dear John Horgan, MLA and Premier

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Mike Hicks, Regional Director

#3-7450 Butler Road

Sooke V9Z 1N1

directorjdf < directorjdf@crd.bc.ca>

Dear Mr. Hicks:

I am writing today to ask that you help SEAS and our local community better protect our drinking water supply and our watershed.

The local JdFEA planning office does not do enough to notify, inform and or educate our community about subdivision or other development plans in time for SEAS or me to make informed decisions about their effect on water supply, water quality or the impact on our watershed.

I am very concerned about the subdivisions or developments approved by the Province or the local planning office that have no review regarding the effect of such projects on my water, the community watershed or local water systems.

Please help SEAS and our community do more to protect our drinking water supply and watershed.

Thank you.

Protect the Shirley Watershed - Hicks

Dear Mike Hicks, CRD Director

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